Faith group donates food to brighten holidays for vulnerable Calgarians

Calgary’s urban sprawl outpaces most cities in North America. With the fast growth comes infrastructure and social problems in a booning city. The population is still growing and many people in Calgary are homeless because of high rents and housing availability. (David Buston/CP)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The holidays can be especially tough for some of the most vulnerable people in our city, but another faith group is hoping to lend a helping hand.

For another year, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is carrying out the Holiday Dinner of Wheels initiative, where they give food to people on the streets and food banks.

“One of the foundational parts of our faith is to serve humanity and serve our communities,” said Qamar Ahmed. “The citizens of Calgary, the whole community, is our neighbour and so we want to make sure that everyone has meals. Especially during the holidays.”

It is also a nationwide initiative, with food being given in most major cities around Canada as well as smaller communities where the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association has chapters.

It does also include significant donations to food banks in Calgary and surrounding areas.

“We just came back from the Calgary Food Bank, where we donated 3,400 pounds of food. As well as in Airdrie, we donated 3,000. This is just part of our ongoing initiative during the holiday season,” Ahmed added.

They have been holding the initiative for several years in Canada, and 2019 marks the third year of it in Calgary.

Ahmed said that not only is it a core tenet to their faith, but it teaches useful skills to their members as well.

“For our youth, this is great leadership building skills, because they will be the leaders across Canada,” Ahmed said. “This is just a great opportunity to give back to the community.”

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